Elizabeth Ferrara Birth Doula


Proudly empowering and serving women in Middle Tennessee!

Your child’s birth is an experience you will remember for your entire life. My deepest desire as a doula is to help you prepare and carry out YOUR birth plans. Birth does not have to be surrounded with fear and I want to support and help you plan for your birth with joy!

I provide an objective viewpoint, physical comfort, and emotional support, as well as helping you obtain evidenced based information so you can confidently make fully informed decisions.

I will help facilitate communication between you, your partner and your care provider, as needed.

I work with your partner helping them to be involved with the birth at their comfort level. My presence does not distract from your partners involvement but adds to it.

Whether you are giving birth at home or in the hospital, with or without an epidural, Joy Fulfilled Birth Services will meet you at your place of need and support you along your journey!

I offer continuous and individualized support during your birthing time.

For more information or to schedule your FREE consultation click here.


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